Back in college, I made a conscious decision not to become a slave of watching football. The same way I always make a decision about one thing or the other. I do watch football, but only when I choose to. That decision has been of great help to me. This was because I had noted how addictive this habit is. One starts simply and then, over time, he/she cannot resist the habit no matter what is at stake. It was becoming slavery. So much so that even if there was an exam the next morning, the 'born again watchers' would still watch the games even up to 3am to the detriment of their performances in exams.
Don't Take Your Ducks to Eagles' School
An uncle of mine once told us that when he went abroad to study, one of his seniors told; "don't advise people. Don't give wise counsel to anyone. Why? Because there are only two types of people; the wise & the foolish. Wise people are already wise so they don't need your advice. Fools, on the other hand, won't listen to your advice. It's therefore needless to waste your time & effort advising others."
Tunes Written by Otieno P.P.
Alongside is a Responsorial Psalm for Ascension Sunday.
God goes up with Shouts of Joy