Don't Take Your Ducks to Eagles' School

Don't Take Your Ducks to Eagles' School

An uncle of mine once told us that when he went abroad to study, one of his seniors told; "don't advise people. Don't give wise counsel to anyone. Why? Because there are only two types of people; the wise & the foolish. Wise people are already wise so they don't need your advice. Fools, on the other hand, won't listen to your advice. It's therefore needless to waste your time & effort advising others."

The statement might not be entirely true, but it has a lot of truth in it. I have come to appreciate that there's a category of people who, much as you may want to help them out of their problems, advising, teaching, trying to inspire and guide them, they simply won't take it! Most times, it's because they won't see the sense at all! In fact, you might personally end up more emotionally hurt by their behaviour than before. If you're acquinted to Kenya news, then you probably heard pastor Ng'ang'a of Neno Evangelism Centre talk of "mtu wa kisrani ni wa kisrani tu. Mtu wa kufa ni wa kufa tu no matter what you do." (can be loosely translated to "people who are prone to buggages will always have them. Whoever is destined to death will eventually just meet the destiny").  Well, I don't know what or who he was talking about, but I can still say that he's got some sense in his statement. Fools don't and won't learn! Period. Lord knows how hard I've tried! If you have some of them, you're better off spending that time eating popcorn and watching Nigerian movies than sit with them to advise.

On the contrary, wise people are so eager to learn that they will pick wisdom even from very unfamiliar sources and make profitable use for it. They're the ones that listen to advise and wise counsel. They're always more than willing and ready to pay for it. They're the type that buy books, listen to speakers, attend trainings and aggressively work on themselves. Jim Rohn got it right; don't take your ducks to eagle's school. Because it won't work. You will frustrate both yourself and the ducks.

Picking advise does not mean that you have to make use of it. That's not what wise people do. They consult and pay for advice. They listen and evaluate. Then they end up making their own informed decision based on the advice and the knowledge they have gathered. I know people don't apply to be fools. But I also know that one can choose the ways of the wise and be wise. In short, don't take your ducks to Eagles' school!

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