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Two Important Books

Below are the two books that Otieno Paul Peter has authored so far. They are quite enlightening. You can just make your order online here. Just click on the one you want and make the order. Those outside Kenya can simply buy from Amazon. HEREis the Link to Live Your Dream in 7Ds while HEREis the link to The Making of a Symphony Orchestra

LIVE YOUR DREAM IN 7Ds: Achieving the Life You Desire One Step at a Time


Having grown up in an economically deprived family, where no meal was guaranteed and basic needs were scarcely met, where the only care was just to survive the day and nothing more, I kept having a feeling that life could not really be that unfair. That a so loving GOD could not have intended for some people to live a life of perpetual suffering while others swim in wealth and bliss. In my mind, I believed there was something wrong that needed to be made right. I wanted to know why some people could, seemingly, be living in abundance while others have to be content with empty stomach. Why some struggled greatly to be in school while others seemed to have all the money for the fees, holidays and more. Why some of the people who seemed bright and reasonable were also poor and unfulfilled and yet others who seemed blunt academically were doing much better in life.

My curiosity and passion led me to study everything I could and seek from everywhere possible that I may find answers to these and some other difficult life puzzles. I was determined to find satisfactory explanations, if they exist, and share the information, if only to let people be contented or to enlighten them to achieve the so called success in life. Well, it has been over three decades and here , in this book, is what I have to show. I am so proud of this that, even if I will have nothing else to bequeath my children, this book is good enough to guide them to be what they want to be and, perhaps, better than all that the schools will provide them.

Originally, my intention was to simply teach these life principles to individuals, more so family members, through one-on-one discussions and in small family gatherings, plus a few friends. I did not have an idea about writing a book; let alone the notion that there could be such like books already in existence. After all, who would have wanted to read my book and why! Just a poor boy from a tiny village in a third-world country somewhere in Africa, I could not have thought of that! In our clan, no one wanted to listen to our family! We were among the poorest of the poor; with lots of problems including diseases and less education, limited exposure..name it! Besides, my dad was extremely alcoholic and the least likely to be asked for any advise. We had no proper shelter, with grass-thatched, leaking roof over our heads such that no one would sleep the moment it starts to rain. We used plastic cups to fetch the rain-water from the leaking roof; trying to ward it off from wetting our torn, reed marts and sisal sacks which served as our beds. That was the story then, looking back, now I say how things can change when we choose to change; to pursue our dreams with unwavering focus and determination!

Today, after deeply pondering and contemplating my life purpose, having gone through it all and experienced what is both necessarily and sufficient, I have chosen to share my real life experience through this short book, and the lessons gathered alongside, with the intention that this may be able to help someone else get to Live the life he or she so much desires. If a life can improve, even by 10%, after reading this book, it will have achieved its purpose!

In putting together these real life stories and instructions, I have, as much as possible, kept the language simple enough and the ideas so practical that virtually everyone who shall read this book will not need extra effort to understand and apply the lessons. It is a book for anyone with a dream. It is a book to help people live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. In my view, this book could be one of the simplest, most elaborate and complete version in this field of Living Your Dream. It shall definitely touch the lives of millions allover the world. Read it and digest it. If you happen to like it, I'll be happy to get your feedback. I might just include your feedback in the next review. Stay blessed. Live Your Dream! Enjoy.

Otieno Paul-Peter,