Inspring Quotes, Poems and Thoughts by Otieno Paul Peter

Quote on Ignorance
Ignorance is the greatest liability of mankind.
Man is Vincible
At some point in our lives, we may feel invincible. But I have come to learn that 3 things will always bring even the greatest of all men down; in fact, they are 4: hunger, sleep, disease, and death.
Quote on Common Good.
  • All law, all religion, all leadership is meant for the perpetuation of the common good, else it's contemptible! And what is the common good? You may ask! A Common Good is that which benefits the largest possible number of people for the longest possible time; eternity is best!
  • We are all beneficiaries of other people's labour and goodwill. We must equally endeavour to do our fair share of the common good. We don't have to know who will benefit.
Quotes on Leadershp
  • The world, today, needs more leaders than preachers.
  • Humility and greatness go together. In fact, humility is the currency for greatness.
  • Leaders think about legacy before they start, not when they finish. 
  • The only reason you're a leader is to empower people Because you're not growing, they're not growing. And because they're not growing, you're not growing. 
New Year Quotes
  • It is promises, not wishes, that will give you a fantastic new year. Make a promise to yourself for a happier and prosperous new year, then go ahead and pay the price it entails.
  • If your value in the marketplace does not change, your life is not going to change. It is not the change in the calendar that makes a better new year, it is the change within you.
Fear NOT the Fear! 
Fear NOT, it exists NOT! 
Allow it NOT to hold you ransom 
Believe NOT the Lie! 
For Fear is Deceitful!
Only late, did I realize - 
Only late, did I discover 
After years of mental bondage 
That which you fear, 
Does NOT exist! 
For Fear is Deceitful!
Know you NOT what fear is? 
It is COURAGEOUS; puts a boldface 
It is IMAGINATIVE; paints ugliest pictures 
It is SLY; over 99% false! 
It is POWERLESS; push it and it fades away! 
It is vincible; you can conquer it! 
For fear is Deceitful!
27th February 2020 at 11am.
MONEY 001 
Build relationship with money 
Be a good friend to money 
Without friendship, 
Money hardly comes – 
She flees away from you 
Rather than come to you.
When it comes to income 
When we want to increase our income 
We start by making our relationship warm Money wants to befriend all, 
To flow freely to all, 
But more frequent to friends than all!
Talk ill about her, she flees 
Talk bad about her visit elsewhere, she stays away 
Feel jealous about her, she stays away Feel her love and beauty, she betroths you! 
Love for love, 
Hate for hate!
3rd March 2020 at 3pm 
If only I know where I'm going-
Then no one will hold my loin. 
For in my favour even the winds will blow And to achieve it my ability will grow 
So long as I know - 
where I'm going!